Thursday, June 16, 2011

Using Your Manners

This week during oral language we have been looking at good manners.  Here are Savannah, Dasha and Daniella to show you their awesome skit about tidying up after yourself.  Great acting, girls!  Leave them a comment and tell them about situations where you use your manners.


  1. You really persevered with that tidying up job there. Well done.

  2. Mrs Hamilton, what wonderful wonderful actors that you have in your class! I will share this with my classroom in School tomorrow, I loved the actor who made a mess in the first place she was very convincing and did a great job! I think that manners are very important when you meet someone for the first time, to create a good impression with that person.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. Hi Daniella, Dasha and Savannah,

    That is great that you guys are using good manners. Also it is good that you guys are tidying up other peoples mess. you did really well at keeping your class tidy. I used manners when the teacher gives me a paper and I say thank you.

    From Noeramiah.

  4. Hi Savannah,Dasha and Daniella nice acting you have there. You are differently using your manners well about Savannah I think she`s just pretending to not use her manners. Nice team working.


  5. wow that was amazing and that is geat to tidy up other peoples mess and yourself mess Dasha and Daniella and savannah that is auseme bye bye