Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimtastic Swimming

We had our first swimming lesson on Tuesday. Here is Noeramiah's recount of the trip:

This morning Learning Hub Two walked to swimtastic for our first swimming lessons. We got given swimtastic caps. We got into groups. I was with Anthia, William and Natasha. My instructors name was Lucy. 
 Secondly we went into the water with our swimming gear on. We floated on our back. After that we did some strokes. Also we blew some bubbles under water. 
Finally Learning Hub Two got out of the swimming pool. Then we went into the changing room to put our uniform back on. We had a great time at swimtastic and can't wait until swimming on Thursday.

1 comment:

  1. Wow LH 2 what lucky children going to such a great pool. It looks like you are learning new strokes and having lots of fun. I really liked your recount Noeramiah. You used a great feeling statement at the end of your recount.
    Well done.