Monday, May 30, 2011

Report Writing: Savannah

We have been writing reports about a buddy in LH2.  First we had to write some questions that we wanted to ask them.  Then we had to ask them the questions and write down the answers.  Finally we had to make the answers into paragraphs to write a report.  We also had to take a photo of our buddy and download it onto the computer.
Savannah – Nicole was born on the 11th of August 2002. She is eight years old .She was born in London.

Savannah has bushy dark brown hair and she has dark brown eyes. She is 142cm tall. Her skin colour is light brown.
Savannah is the only child in her family. Her dad came from Brazil and her mother came from London and Jamaica. Her mother is a teacher of children with Special Needs. Her dad is a hair dresser and he does not live with her. She has five aunties, five uncles and three cousins. 
Savannah likes to ride on a horses. She would like to learn how to ride them properly. She likes to write reports about herself and other people. Savannah attends  Stonefields  School in Auckland, New Zealand. Her favourite subjects are maths and reading. Her favourite sports are foot ball and volley ball.
When she grows up she would like to be an animal rescuer. 
By Miduran
Miduran's writing goal is to use the proper report structure.  Has he succeeded?  Leave him a comment and let him know!

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  1. Well done, Miduran. I think your report is full of information. You must have asked Savannah some very good questions to gain all your information. I think you have written a very good report.