Monday, May 09, 2011

Report Writing: All About Me!

We have started our report writing this term and have been learning about the parts of a report.  Daniella wrote this report all about herself.  Can you see where she has included bundles of facts about herself?  If you can, leave her a comment!

My name is Daniella.  I am seven and I am a girl.
My hair is brown and short.  My eyes are hazel.  
I live with my mum, dad and brother Tearno.  Soon I will have a baby sister.  I have a dog called Electra.
I like to take my dog for walks and to play mathletics.


  1. Daniella,

    I loved reading your report about yourself and noticed you used a bundle of facts so I got a lot of information quickly about you. I also like your Kid Pix picture and the use of colour. Well done.


  2. Cool Daniella!!!what is your next step.(bye Carmel)