Thursday, May 12, 2011

All About Natasha

For writing, Natasha is working on putting a full stop at the end of an idea.  Check out her report all about herself and see if she's met her target!  If you think she has, please leave her a comment!

My name is Natasha.  I am five and a half.  I am a girl.
I have blonde hair and blue eyes.  
I live with my baby brother, my Dad and my Mum.
I like to do Mathletics and sewing.  At home I am sewing a dress with my Mum.


  1. Hi Natasha,

    Well done on using the full stop properly. It is sometimes hard to remember when to use them so well done. When I was reading your story I knew where to stop and take a breath because there were full stops. Keep it up. I wonder what your next goal will be?
    Andrea Fale

  2. Hi Natasha, I think that you are becoming a fullstop expert! You have got them all in the right place. Keep up the great work and your report told me lots of information about you.

    Kerry Room12

  3. Very well done Natasha! That's perfect use of full stops and commas - it makes the story easy to read and understand.

  4. Hello Natasha,
    all your full stops and commas are brilliant! I wish you further success in English grammar, as well as in all other challenges you undertake. Your grandpa Sasha.