Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Rumble and a Grumble

For reading in Week 2, we looked at shared book called "A Rumble and a Grumble."  We read the book together every day.  Then we split into two groups and focused on different aspects of the story.  The Year 2's looked at how characters were feeling, and the Year 3's and 4's looked at finding a cure for snoring.  Watch the clip to find out how we went!


  1. Fabulous work Stonefields Rockers! I can't belief I am the first to leave a comment too :)

    What wonderful readers and storytellers you all are.

    I loved hearing about your solutions for snoring - I got the distinct impression that some of you were speaking from experience there!

    Keep sharing your wonderful learning.

    Mrs Burt
    Pt England School

  2. Hi LH2 and Mrs Hamilton,

    Thank you for writing a comment on our class blog. We liked how Zeb and Amy spoke loudly and clearly when they were reading their story " A Rumble and a Grumble".
    Keep up the good work,

    From Room 5 PBS

  3. I agree with Room 5 PBS comment, such amazing expression, you had me hooked!

  4. Wow LH2

    I loved how Zeb & Amy read the story. Some very imaginative cures for snoring. I enjoyed the pictures of your feelings. Well done.

    We look forward to seeing more of your work


  5. Very proud of you, Zeb! I love your expressive reading! Mum

  6. Nana Sue said

    Lovely reading Amyh, we look forward to hearing more stories

  7. Hi there,

    We just found your great video about A Rumble and A Grumble and we thought it was fantastic. We are reading that book this week and are going to think of some cures for Annie McTavish's snoring tomorrow.

    From Room 15 (Year 1 and 2)
    Grey Main School