Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Disposition Strengths

As part of our vision principle, Building Learning Capacity, we have been looking at the seven dispositions that we need to have as learners to help us to build our learning capacity. To be good learners we need to reflect, connect, think, be self aware, be determined, question and wonder. We looked at ourselves and thought about which one of these we were good at and why. We thought we should display this information so we used our new skills in blending hot and cold colours and collaborated with our friends to draw the outline of our heads. We put it all together and made these amazing posters. Take a look!


  1. Hi Learning Hub 2

    We really liked your posters. Mason liked the way you blended your hot and cold colours. Queenie liked the way you stuck your words inside your head. Sandie liked the way you worked together on your work.

    Room 12

  2. Allie - Nina's MumMarch 30, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    Hi Learning Hub 2, I thought the way you could draw your profiles of your faces by looking at the shadow was great. The posters look really colourful and every one is different. Well done.

  3. Fabulous post LH2. I really like the way you posted your movie on vimeo because I can watch it on my iPad! There were some very lifelike silhouettes there. Did I see Mrs Hamilton there?

    Mrs Burt